Reno Parks, Sparks Parks, Washoe Parks

Press Release:

Download the spreadsheet with our parks, names, addresses, and amenities to use for your creative community building purpose.
Download: /uploads/2/0/7/7/20776836/reno-sparks-washoe-parks.csv

View the live data in Google Drive:

Example of the map data in action:

[Reno, Dec 2014] - Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County Parks on One List!
Our community has come together with hundreds of hours of volunteer work and personal expertise to create one list with our region’s parks and park amenities. This spreadsheet may be used by organizations and creatives to dynamically map our parks or come up with other creative uses.

- Open Data Reno (inspired the project and created first working model)
- City of Reno
- Sparks Parks and Recreation
- Washoe County Community Services Department
- Jerremy Murray, Developer
- Jay Kolbet-Clausell, Researcher
- George Spark-Stahl, Developer
- Dylan Kuhn, Developer
- Monica Thompson, Organizer
- Kendall Masuko, Realtor
- Chad Sorg, Painter

Reno Sparks Neighborhoods

Brainstorming space for the next direction of this regional website.

Note from the Team

Reno and Sparks Nevada are innovation hot-spots. I recently heard a visitor compare what he sees here to the revolutionary energy he witnessed at the beginning of the environmental movement before there was an Environmental Movement.

Entrepreneurs, Big business, and tourists are looking at Reno a whole new way.