Renegade Reno: Human Trafficking in Our Hometown

Dear D,

Thank you for inspiring me to take action and write this blog.  I have discovered so much in the past few months.  Kemp Shiffer was indicted last month.  It was crazy, because there was an event the same day on my college campus on the topic of human trafficking.  
Every time I forget to think about this, my mind slips back to my sister, and to the friends I know who have at least tasted this sort of abuse.  I would never let my sister suffer.  Why should we let anyone young woman suffer?  

I hope to bring light to the young women in this town who are suffering and trapped in the dark prison created by our acceptance and ignorance of this horrendous phenomenon.

Keep hope alive.  

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Note from the Team

Reno and Sparks Nevada are innovation hot-spots. I recently heard a visitor compare what he sees here to the revolutionary energy he witnessed at the beginning of the environmental movement before there was an Environmental Movement.

Entrepreneurs, Big business, and tourists are looking at Reno a whole new way.