Washoe Fire


Firefighting Summary and Results

Back in 2007, a University of Nevada professor approached us with a need. Air support for our areas firefighting had changed and we needed better local equipment to protect our homes and land. He identified a $250,000 siphon tank that could be installed on the Washoe County Sheriff's Huey helicopter. This tank would reduce fire response times to 10 minutes in our mountain terrain.

In it's first season, RAVEN fought 20 fires with 80,000 gallons of water in the Sierra Nevada and benefited the community with millions of dollars in saved property. We want to do more projects like this so give us a call if you know an idea that needs a little boost.

We began doing research and talking with everyone who would need to work together to raise the money and install the equipment, created a temporary website for the project, and lastly, a printed booklet for fund-raising. The website is no longer active but you can view a pdf of the printed booklet below. Our area has enjoyed many upgrades since this booklet was produced so check with the Sheriff's Office RAVEN unit for the most up to date information on this equipment.

Other Links: Washoe Fire Services Master Plan - Fire District Map - WashoeSheriff.com RAVEN

Community Building

Resource for developing neighborhood associations and interest clubs

Note from the Team

Reno and Sparks Nevada are innovation hot-spots. I recently heard a visitor compare what he sees here to the revolutionary energy he witnessed at the beginning of the environmental movement before there was an Environmental Movement.

Entrepreneurs, Big business, and tourists are looking at Reno a whole new way.