Library impact on Children

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Library impact on Children

Started by Jay Kolbet-Clausell 1547 days ago

Does your child already know how to read? Consider yourself lucky if you said yes to that. If you said no, then I hope you have been following these post's everyday. They have a lot of information that could help everyone. There are so many different ways to teach a child, and not all of them can or will, learn the same way.

If teaching them the ABC's one way isn't working, then try another way. With all of the resources we have today from books, internet, teachers, tutors, video's, there is little to no reason why a child can not learn to read. 
As parents we only want what is best for our children. Does that sound like a broken record? Maybe, but it's true right? Once we grow up and have kids, our life as we knew it, now becomes all about them. All of our selfish behaviors are now selfless due to our children. We want everything the best from them but first, it starts with learning how to read.

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