Nada Dada 2014

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Nada Dada 2014

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Latest Proof of Concept:

Code Generated with this Google Doc: LINK


Planning Google Doc

We have tossed around the idea of a digital exquisite corpse. One way that it could work is for each artist to create panels that are labeled as beginning middle or end. We could create templates for each panel so the panels would line up properly.

Artists could upload the images to:

- Flickr - Facebook - Google+

We would create a responsive embed code so anyone could add the interactive artpiece to their own site.

- Possible interfaces include:

- slot machine - Brick and metal frame - neon signs - no framing... just the art


Community Building

Resource for developing neighborhood associations and interest clubs

Note from the Team

Reno and Sparks Nevada are innovation hot-spots. I recently heard a visitor compare what he sees here to the revolutionary energy he witnessed at the beginning of the environmental movement before there was an Environmental Movement.

Entrepreneurs, Big business, and tourists are looking at Reno a whole new way.