2013 Jazfry Website Guide

Download and answer these basic questions to request volunteer support for your project.

Jazfry 2013 - Website Worksheet Email: jay@renosparks.org
Contact: Jay Kolbet, Real Estate and Tech Cell: (775) 391-0742

What is your team’s comfort level with technology? Limited - Middle Ground - Expert

  • Are you comfortable with email?
  • Do you use a smart phone?
  • Will you maintain the site or hire support to keep the site updated?
  • Do you want staff training to maintain your site?
  • Do you want a blogging site or more traditional setup?

Need to Know

  • 'Date of Launch' for a working uploaded website.
  • 'Date of First Draft' at least 2 weeks before launch.
  • 'Other Relevant Dates' (e.g. events, deadlings, descriptions).

Contact Information

  • Primary Contact
  • Organization Contact
  • Who are the Primary Content Providers?
  • i.e. Photos, Text, Event Details, Videos, Logos, Color Schemes, Sounds, Fliers, Links, Maps, Graphs, Interactive Elements, Site Map, Articles, Newsletters

Use of the Site

  • How long do you plan to use the site?
  • Will you integrate social media into your web planning?
  • Do you maintain the Google page for your physical address?
  • What will your site accomplish?

A Jazfry Update
Our core mission is to increase tech effectiveness in the Reno Sparks area. We are also helping
other stakeholders who are able to work remotely. We have many tools to engage support for your team. • Visit www.jazfry.com for free support and networking resources

Website Ideas

New Websites and Website updates

Note from the Team

Reno and Sparks Nevada are innovation hot-spots. I recently heard a visitor compare what he sees here to the revolutionary energy he witnessed at the beginning of the environmental movement before there was an Environmental Movement.

Entrepreneurs, Big business, and tourists are looking at Reno a whole new way.