Jay Kolbet-Clausell

Brief description: Tech Support and Community Planning
Contact email: jay@renosparks.org
Telephone: 775 391-0742
Website: jazfry.com
Twitter username: @jazfry

About me

I hope to find more people willing to increase tech effectiveness for small businesses and non-profits.

I went to the Katrina disaster zone as a tutor and artist to help provide relief following the hurricane. After spending 13 months in the South and raising nearly 12 million dollars for social projects with the volunteers I met, I returned to my home town of Reno, NV to complete my university education, develop relationships with professionals, and develop more accounting, management, and technical skills. After graduating in 2010 with dual majors from two Universities, I began providing marketing and office support for small businesses and real estate clients in Northern Nevada. I now work on Reno Sparks Neighborhoods full time to increase community advocacy efforts.

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