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 I recently moved back to Reno after some time away. I have a background in social services including for-profit, Non-Profit and Government work with people with Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Illness, and Substance Abuse issues. 

 My work in social services and as the administrator and director of various social service agencies helped me to develop my talent for solving complex and murky problems social issues while keeping the companies I workd for solvent. I first applied those talents at a high level with the founding of a for profit social service agency in 2007. Founded from the wreckage of an agency shutdown by state regulators and nearly broke my team and I turned it into a thriving profitable concern which put the people it served and its employees ahead of profits and flourished as a result.

In 2013 I have the good fortune to be founding a business, an exciting new company here in Reno. Our mission is develop the tools which allow the average person, the 'silent majority', to easily and quickly let their elected officals know how they feel about the issues important to them. 

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